College Library

Our library has fairy large collection not only of books (both text and reference books on a wide variety of subjects) but also of charts, maps,etc.The total number of books, Journals and periodicals/magazines are 45289, 16, and 32 respectively.

  • In the reading room newspapers, magazines(weekly, fortnightly and monthly) in Marathi, Hindi and English and subject related journals are kept for the students.
  • To avail oneself of the library facility, every student will have to get library card. While a junior/senior college student can take home only one book at a time, a post graduate student can take out two books at a time from the college library.
  • All the students must return their library books within ten days from the date of issue of these books failing which they will be fined one rupee a day. In case the books are lost by anyone, the student will have to pay not only the price of the book but also the fine imposed thereon by the library authories. Students should take out and return library books only during scheduled hours on scheduled days.
  • Besides, the library has made some special arrangements where by some economically backword and promissing students can take out a number of books from the college BOOK BANK after paying caution money.